Sunday, November 24, 2019

Future Updates

Future Updates Future Updates We created this blog so that many of you could get an on-the-ground view of how development of is going. Over the summer, we listened to your feedback and kept track of all the bugs/feature requests that were reported. Last month, we got the go ahead from our Information Systems(IS) Professors/Advisors to continue developing for Fall 2007. We were astounded by the number of users that began using , and by the sheer amount of feedback we received from the community; 117 requests to be exact! Many of you mentioned that you would like the ability to edit bibliographies. This is a feature we’ve been meaning to add since day 1, so look for that to be implemented in the next few weeks. Also, look for Harvard Citation support to be implemented within a month. Alot of you have been asking for the ability to share and tag your bibliographies. In the next month, we’ll be working on the User Interface(UI) and putting in the functionality for that. Even more of you have been asking for database support, and to expand our selection of books, magazines, films, academic journals, and our â€Å"other sources†. Rest assured we are working towards these things in the next 3 months. Some of you have wondered why we haven’t considered a lot of proprietary databases; JSTOR, IMDB, etc. We’d love to support many of these items, but they would incur ridonculous licensing fees that we are unable to absorb in our current state. As always, we depend on you to let us know if you run into any bugs, or if you think a certain feature would be a great addition to . Please feel free to contact us. Cheers! Alvin Fong

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